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Learn how to trade forex from us & all my millionaire forex strategies in our course! Become a professional forex trader!.

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Full option Tools for help you made profit on Forex markets. Control on all services in Central Trading & Investment!!


Create your Business for get wealth and growing on the world more than 32 country. GET START Free and Earn No Limit.

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Support more 32 Country

Service B (Promtpay)

Signup Droptrade Free first. Then choose brokers and open account trading / Verify / deposit and trade. You can Trade by yourself or use your EA. You will collect Promtpay point for redeem Reward.

Service C

COPY Trading for separate category Mentor at 3 category. Answer you find for you choose copy trading from your need.

Service D

Team Mentor Professional Trading on TOP A+. Opportunity for earn long profit and share profit at 60/40. Give you choose investment for your good.

Service E (Promtpay)

Rent Expert Advisor(EA) for subscription per month. Technology Artificial Intelligence(AI) help you trading and made profit from your choose risk.

Service V

Team Mentor Professional Trading on TOP A++++. Opportunity for earn long profit on E02 Account Trading. No have sharing Profit.

Funny Shop

Find your Best Expert Advisor / Indicators/ System Trading and Funny Gift. So, you will get Best cheap price in all product.

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DropTrader Marketing

Discover a new career in the world. A career that will turn your trading world and your investment going forever. By joining DropTrader with Funnyinvest in the central trading & investment platform. In the Central Trading & Investment market, create wealth. Create a world-class business with more than 32 countries.

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How Trade and Get Cashback?

In case you open an account with Funnyinvest, we will receive a commission from your broker for each transaction. Brokers pay us by dividing the fee (or spread) from your trading. We have designed a special Promtpay Point program, which is a program that will help accumulate trading points from your broker that is open through the system Funnyinvest you get more. And create more profitable opportunities for your marketing team.

Funnyinvest will help you with this share of fees and have the most share with our clients. Thank you for joining us as a Droptrade member.

You normally trade as usual. But here … you will be rewarded for every trading in the market. No matter what your profit or loss will be – you will get Promptpay Point every case!

Opportunity earn profit from all

If you don’t have knowledge to trade Forex.
You have the opportunity to make a profit from your trading account from any Funnyinvest service.

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We are help people made profit in Forex Markets more.
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Our ultimate goal is to give our members money back from the Forex market. Create a valuable life, convey freedom and reward opportunities to people around the world.

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