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Service D

Dividend Profit sharing 60/40

As on Service D, you open a Account choose Service D and allocate funds to your Mentor Account – this is known as the Mentor Capital. When a Service D Mentor successfully manages investors’ funds by generating a profit, the Mentor will receive a Success Fee – a pre-agreed percentage of the investor’s share of the profit.

To choose a Service D, Investors can review the Service D Performance Rankings page and select the Service D Mentor who match their investment goals. It’s easy to find a Mentor from the customisable Service D Performance Table by filtering results by active/ inactive strategies, current ranking, Service D strategy name, minimum deposit, gain and maximum drawdown.

Mentor Service D trade using their own capital (Mentor Capital) and the funds of any investors in the account. Simply put, any profits and losses generated on the Service D Mentor Account will be shared between all accounts that are invested in the Service D Mentor on a proportional basis.

  • Protect Your Money
  • Mentor Professional
  • High Quality Mentor Level A++++
  • Your Money will be safe

A Team
Of Professionals.

Transforming distribution and marketing with key capabilities in customer insight and analytics.

Analyze Your

Transforming distribution and marketing with key capabilities in customer insight and analytics.

Profit Information 60/40

Service D base on when you have Profit. If you have profit in one month. System will be deduct sharing your profit to Mentor 40% and You will be earn 60% from your profit in that month. The Service D allows you to participate in one of the most profitable markets in the world — Forex — without needing to know anything about it or taking direct actions, by investing your funds with one or more fund managers.

Earn up to 350%

Earn Your Profit Income up to 350%. You can make money from your DropTrade Partners. When you are signup free on Funnyinvest Username. You can build BIG Business in the world. Forex Markets.

Realtime Trading in your MT4

You will see open trade and history for realtime trading on your metatrader 4 in 24/5 working day. But You can not close and open order by your hand everything. This is for safe for strategy and money management in system trading by Mentor. And will be safe for you too.

Central Trading & Investment Forex.


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