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Service C

COPY Trading everywhere and every brokers

Funnyinvest Clubs was founded in 2010 by Mr. OSCAR, Service C is created in response to the non-existence of a web-based platform that could audit traders globally and at the same time;

Funnyinvest Platform bridged the gap between valuable information in money markets and trade execution by converting the advice of some of the most professional and talented traders globally, to a service which can rapidly execute trades. An additional advantage of the Platform is that it provides the ability and ease of driving selected trades to broker accounts of the interested parties. The concept of Funnyinvest on Service C is to offer an open environment, where traders on a global-level can connect any trading platform and share their knowledge.

In 2018, Funnyinvest Clubs has open Central Trading & Investment Forex Platform. We want to be an innovative company dedicated to providing all-round financial services. Share a vision to become the world‘s largest one-stop financial community that can meet investment requirements by offering customer-focused solutions while also building the largest social trading community in the globe!

  • COPY Trading & EARN
  • No need VPS Server
  • Successful Trader
  • Get the same results as your Leader

and EARN .

Trading in Forex has never been so simple – copy orders from successful traders and earn! You’re just a few step away from starting to generate income by following and copying trading signals from professional traders. You do not need trading terminal or VPS server.

Build Your

when you are join this service. You can earn money from you building business in the world from everywhere for earn money.

COPY Information

Use this service to copy a successful trader. When the trader buys or sells, that order is then immediately copied in your account too. You get the same result as the trader.

Earn up to 350%

Earn Your Profit Income up to 350%. You can make money from your DropTrade Partners. When you are signup free on Funnyinvest Username. You can build BIG Business in the world. Forex Markets.

Copying successful orders today

By making use of the experience of other traders, you earn income by copying how they buy and sell. You can choose to copy more than one other trader and you can decide how much you want to copy. That also means you don’t have to continually watch prices to see when to trade – just choose the automatic copy service to follow and copy the trader(s) of your choice.

Central Trading & Investment Forex.


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