Type#1_LockProSTOP (RENT / 30 days)

Type#1_LockProSTOP (RENT / 30 days)

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LockProfit EA

* LIVE PERFORMANCE (Follow under this)

* To protect your interests. Please read the full details before registering*


Please note that you may only use Service E through the use of the Service E through your backoffice notification system

Please read the full details before deciding

Please note that Service E is a service of Funnyinvest. Funnyinvest does not invent and develop such tools. Funnyinvest is open to anyone with an automated forex trading tool. To be in such services.

Please note that Service E is a collaboration between Funnyinvest and Developer, a developer of automated trading tools.

Please note that Service E is one of Funnyinvest's services and is regulated by Funnyinvest.

Please note that the Service E from every Developer is subject to analysis. Developer (developer) by Funnyinvest has not involved in any development of the tool.

Please note that the installation of the Service Account E Account Service E Service E Service is under the service of Funnyinvest.

Please note that Service E is at risk. Please read carefully before making a decision.


Description of Service Mode E

Service E is a 24-hou expert EA. From vendors and service providers who have created automated forex trading tools in the Forex market under analysis, decisions are made in various situations. I have been asked to join the installation service to run EA to the participants. It runs the developer's VPS system

Strategic description of LockProfit EA (Low Risk):  

Features: Low risk trading style You can open a Marting order or open an order based on the price of a lot. It will start at 0.01, 0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.05, 0.08 - 1.66. Keep going When the price runs up against the open order.

The system then enters the Money Management calculation to close the Take Profit (TP) order. To sum up, then close the order gain.

Average monthly return estimate: 10-100 percent depending on capital amount.

Time Frame Key to trading: Time Frame H1

Currency Trading: 5 pairs of GBPJPY / EURUSD / USDJPY / EURJPY / GBPUSD open.

Average time holding per order: 1 - 5 days

System launch: 24 hours, 100% automatic run, fight every news.

Intelligent system in the fight of the news. LockProfit EA

►Automatic mode for automatic correction If there are important news. The impact on the graph. The system will automatically release the order

Auto off mode If there is serious news. The system will stop automatically. Risk management is one way into Management Money

NOTE... Mode E Service Mode Description

Please note that all transactions are subject to Service E.

Please note that the number of operating mode descriptions. Based on past statistics from the Performance of the Developer only.

Note that each working mode offers returns and risks vary, depending on the amount of funds.


Service E Service Details

1.1. Broker to join Service E to stabilize using Service E, please use Broker as follows:

1.2. In case of using Service E funds from USD 1,500 upwards

Allow Service E participants to open an account and deposit funds into AETOS Broker manually.

Link : www.funnyinvest.com/brokers/AETOS-E00

(Please select the General Account type, Leverage 1: 200)

1.3. In case of using Service E funds from USD 500 but not exceeding USD 1,500

Let Service E participants open an account and deposit money into a Funnyinvest Broker in the Beginner (Self-starter) system.

Please note that Funnyinvest is not affiliated with The brokers said it.

1.4. About VPS and Service E

You will have to pay a service fee of $ 109 per month (or 3,860 baht: a month). The Funnyinvest team will send the Service E account to the Developer and the Developer will adjust the EA settings to. You do not need to take any further action.

You will not receive an EA to run, but you will be able to keep track of all trading activity in your trading account 24 hours a day via your Metatrader 4 login.

1.6. The appropriate amount of funding for Service E in each operating mode.

Different levels of funding can lead to serious damage

$ 500 UP (Low)

$ 1,500 UP (standard)

$ 3,000 UP (secure)

$ 5,000 or more (supports all operating modes)

Service E Service Agreement

1.5.1. Not to disclose the transaction history received from the Service E account to the public or other persons without permission.

1.5.2. It is prohibited for commercial or personal use or for any damages that may be incurred by Service E or Service E users.

1.5.3. Participants of Service E can close their own profit or loss order according to their satisfaction.

1.5.4. Participants of Service E should not open or close their own accounts or withdraw funds or profit from their accounts. This may cause serious damage.

1.5.5. In the event that a Service E participant opens an account manually or withdraws funds or profit from the account prematurely, EA may cease to function. To prevent potential risks for Service E participants.

1.5.6. Participants of Service E can cancel EA execution at any time by changing the EA Trader password.

1.5.7. The Service E participant is responsible for reporting the Rental Rental EA run to Funnyinvest via a ticket in the Backoffice system to perform the correction.


Technical Service Technical Risk Warning

Broker differences may cause Open Order, Pending Order, Close Order or Set Profit, Stop Loss, Trailing Stop account. Account E does not match with other accounts. This may cause serious damage to the Service Account participant


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